With my cooperatives, we specialize in optimization using Evolutionary Computation methods. Our main field of interest is the use of problem decomposition to improve the evolutionary search. We consider various search spaces and single-, multi-, and many-objective optimization. We maintain cooperation with various research groups by developing the Evolutionary Computation field together or by designing evolutionary methods to solve particular real-world problems.









Main research cooperatives

Research areas



Marcin Komarnicki (WUST), Bartosz Frej (WUST)

Genetic Algorithms development, Theoretical foundations of Genetic Algorithms



Krzysztof Walkowiak (WUST)

Evolutionary Computation in real-life problem solving



Piotr Dziurzański (West Pomeranian University of Technology, University of York)

Evolutionary Computation in real-life problem solving











International cooperation



Dirk Thierens (Utrecht University), Peter Bosman(Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica)

Genetic Algorithms development, problem structure decomposition



Renato Tinos (University of Sao Paolo)

Genetic Algorithms development, Gray-box optimization



Leandro Soares Indrusiak (University of York), Shuai Zhao (University of York)

Multi-objective optimization, Evolutionary Computation in real-life problems solving



Rituparna Datta (University of South Alabama)

Evolutionary Computation in real-life problems solving, Multi-objective optimization







Metaheuristics Team Seminars





Michał Przewoźniczek, From White to Black through Gray... and one step back to Dark Gray





Bartosz Frej, Krótkie wprowadzenie do transformaty Walsha





Iwo Błądek, Genetic Programming for Program Synthesis Problems with Logical Constraints





Maciej Komosiński, Genetic representations in the optimization of three-dimensional agents




Coming soon:







Marcin Komarnicki, Incremental Recursive Ranking Grouping for Large Scale Global Optimization






Michał Przewoźniczek, Large-scale continuous experiment supervision and maintenance. The technical point of view.